At Exclusive Motoring we understand your passion for the ultimate automobile, which is why we offer high-end aerodynamics sourced from world-renowned manufacturers. We specialize in everything from full body kits to spoilers and diffusers as well as custom carbon fiber components.

Interior Design

Our team of interior designers uses only the finest quality materials ranging from Alcantara to carbon fiber and exotic leathers. All interior body trims are assembled in-house with the highest level of craftsmanship using state of the art technology for cutting, perforating, embossing and leather lining.

Custom Wheels

Exclusive Motoring has the premier selection of custom wheels and tires. Make an appointment today and see why we are exclusive distributors for many of the most popular wheel brands.

Vehicle Wraps

At Exclusive Motoring, we are experienced in wrapping entire cars or any specific area such as the hood, roof, spoilers, door handles, interior trims, wheels, and more. Our team of experienced vinyl wrap installers will help you choose from hundreds of 3M colors and finishes available to give your car a unique look.

Custom Audio

Quality installation service starts with certified installers. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of car stereo installation. Our professional car audio installers take pride in the quality of their work, as well as their efficiency; our quick finish time means you can enjoy your new car stereo sooner with less waiting.

Tires & Alignment

Exclusive Motoring has the equipment needed to mount and balance any OEM and aftermarket wheels & tires on your vehicle. We take extra precautions mounting custom painted wheels to ensure a damage free installation. Finally, we can align your vehicle perfectly using our in-floor alignment machine which is safe for all lowered vehicles.


At Exclusive Motoring we can custom paint your calipers any color you’d like and also install custom logos or text on your freshly painted calipers. We’ve done countless unique brake finishes such as Italian flag inspired calipers and the world’s first 23k gold calipers. Our technicians and painters work together to dismount, prep, paint and re-install your calipers safely and correctly. Contact us to set up an appointment and give your brakes a makeover.